The Rapoo A3060 offers decent sound overall with deep bass in a small and inexpensive but very well made package.

If you’re listening to music or taking a phone call, both will sound good through the A3060.

The A3060 offers clear sound with deep bass that doesn’t get distorted at high volume levels.

The build quality is exceptional, it’s very well made, it’s heavy and it’s sturdy. You can just toss this in your bag and it will be safe but you could use the package as a hard case for it.

The touch controls on the A3060 are more than a novelty, they work, and they work well, but they’re basic with just play and pause and volume controls.

The voice prompts are a nice touch I guess, but I’m not sure I like my devices talking back to me, personally I could do without the chatter.

The A3060 only works with Bluetooth devices as there is no line-in. This can be good or bad depending on your needs, it’s just something to keep in mind.

Battery life is excellent, you should get about 15 hours of play time or usage on a single charge.

When you combine the touch controls, good sound quality and the exceptionally long battery life, you’ve got a great little product in the Rapoo A3060.

Rapoo A3060 Bluetooth Mini Speaker

₨7,500.00 Regular Price
₨2,500.00Sale Price

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